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This Toolkit aims to provide a practical level of support to councils undertaking an amalgamation and/or boundary changes. It can be read in conjunction with guidance offered in the NSW Government's Preparing for Change: Guidance for Councils document which was released in March 2016.
Under the NSW Government’s current reforms, 75 councils across NSW may be affected by amalgamations and boundary changes, and the State's 152 councils may be reduced to 112. LGNSW has subsequently developed this online Amalgamation Toolkit to assist councils through the transition process.
The Toolkit is a practical, hands-on guide to help councils to understand and effectively manage the complex process of merging two or more councils. It discusses the different stages in the transition process and explores the critical areas councils should address to manage workplace and operational risks.
Merging or partly merging the services, systems, processes, employees and cultures of two or more highly complex organisations will be a significant challenge for council leaders and managers. Such complex transformational change needs to be led and managed in a way that ensures a smooth transition for employees and the community. The Toolkit is principally for the practitioners who will be responsible for implementing this process.
The importance of planning for and delivering a successful merger is significant as it will impact every aspect of the organisation’s structures, systems, culture and people. Success will be achieved only through having a high level of planning, commitment, tenacity, diligence and leadership of participants at all levels in the organisations involved.

The Toolkit is a live resource that will be refined and added to as NSW Government requirements are published and as the amalgamation process proceeds. If you would like to share views and experiences to add to the Toolkit, or contribute material that may be helpful to others, contact us at amalgamation.toolkit@lgnsw.org.au.

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