How to use this resource

The Toolkit has been designed for use by leaders, managers and working groups. It is arranged in four parts:
  • An overview section, including a brief outline of the overall amalgamation process;
  • A ‘Guidance for Leaders’ section which includes information for those leading and managing the overall amalgamation process. This section includes a Key Considerations sub-page organised by topic area and a Priority Actions sub-page organised by the four stages of the amalgamation process;
  • A ‘Guidance for functional project teams’ section which is organised by functional area and is designed for use by working groups. Each functional area contains actions and tasks arranged under four key stages of the amalgamation process. You can access functional areas through the ‘Guidance for functional project teams section’ menu item to the left, and navigate through the stages using the clickable subheadings; and
  • A ‘Resources’ list which comprises further information, supporting materials, examples and templates.

The navigation of the toolkit is represented diagrammatically below:

Please note:

  • The Toolkit provides advice to councils which are amalgamating and have established amalgamating partners.
  • It is not mandatory for councils to use the Toolkit, nor will content necessarily be applicable or relevant for all councils. Rather, the Toolkit is intended as a guiding resource that councils can refer to in determining the most appropriate and practical approach to their amalgamation process.
  • Every effort has been made to ensure this resource is comprehensive and broadly relevant. LGNSW does not guarantee that the document is without flaw of any kind and therefore disclaims all liability for any errors, loss or other consequence which may arise from reliance on information in this publication.
  • This Toolkit was developed with the assumption there would be a period of review and planning before commencement of the new entity. While the steps or stages described throughout this Toolkit will be the same, if this period does not occur, the reality is that much of this work will likely occur after the new entity is already in place.
  • It should be noted that content will be continually reviewed to ensure accuracy and relevance as the amalgamation process unfolds and the NSW Government makes provisions. Content will therefore be subject to change.