Age-Friendly Community LG Grants Scheme

Population ageing is a demographic change that brings challenges and opportunities for our member councils. The number of people living in NSW aged 65 years and over will increase from just over 1 million people (14 percent of the population) in 2012, to 2.3 million (24 percent of the population) in 2050. 

Councils are helping communities prepare for the impact of population ageing. This involves planning and implementing local solutions to ensure that changing needs are met. This could mean creating more accessible places, town centres, parks and facilities.

The NSW Office for Ageing recognises Local Government as a key partner in realising the objectives of the NSW Government’s Ageing Strategy and that councils can benefit from assistance to develop and implement plans for older people.

Age-Friendly Community LG Grants Scheme - Successful Grant Applicants Announced

The successful grant applicants have now been announced. Download the final list of successful councils (PDF, 43KB).

The Age-Friendly Community Local Government Grants Scheme (AFCLGGS) is funded by the NSW Office for Ageing in Family and Community Services and is an initiative in the NSW Ageing Strategy 2012. A total of $550,000 has been made available for a period of two years from 1 July 2012 to 30 June 2014. Grants are one-off allocations of up to $25,000 for individual councils, or up to $60,000 for projects by two or more councils.

Age-Friendly Community LG Grants Scheme Workshop

On 12 October 2012, the LGSA and the Office for Ageing hosted the Age-Friendly Community Local Government Workshop.  Over 60 councils from around NSW attended.

The video below captures excerpts of the day's talks in one short clip. To view all of the talks in full, please see the LGNSW YouTube channel.

Presentations from the Age-Friendly Community LG Workshop