Facilitated In-house Service Review

LGNSW’s facilitated in-house service review program provides affordable support, guidance and independent oversight to councils, ensuring that council services are efficient, well targeted and responsive to community needs.


LGNSW’s in-house service review facilitation program:
  • Is cost-effective – pay only for the services and assistance you need and all costs are known at the outset.
  • Builds corporate knowledge and staff capabilities – the direct involvement of staff through all stages of the review builds corporate knowledge about services provided by the council and skills to identify and implement service improvement strategies.
  • Independent oversight – the involvement and oversight of an independent facilitator ensures that the review is designed and conducted with neutrality and integrity.
  • Manageable timeframes and workloads – your in-house service review team sets and monitors timeframes and workloads, ensuring that staff are not burdened with an excessive workload throughout the process.


The in-house service review program involves a co-operative effort between council staff and a skilled facilitator. LGNSW’s facilitator works with you through all aspects of the review, providing guidance and support in:
  • Establishing an in-house service review team to oversee review processes and decision-making
  • Designing and developing review approaches and methodologies
  • Determining review targets, stages and an overall timetable
  • Guiding and testing all decision-making surrounding the review
  • Internal and external engagement processes including briefings and education and feedback sessions with communities, councillors and staff
  • Identification and selection of options for service improvements
  • Developing appropriate performance measures to monitor services improvements.
The facilitator works closely with your service review team through all stages of the review. The review scope, timetable and costs are agreed upfront. This allows you to manage the program’s pace and progress in a way that meets budget and other resource requirements.


The following steps and tasks are indicative of the typical review process. These may be built on and adapted, depending on the individual requirement of the council:
  • Preparation – establishment of a service review team, identification of service review priorities and targets, councillor briefing.
  • Baseline service assessment – facilitated staff and stakeholder interviews, financial and service utilisation data collection and analysis.
  • Benchmarking – research and data collection based on comparable councils and services to enable comparative performance assessment.
  • Data analysis and options development – data collation and analysis, development and assessment of options, selection of preferred option(s) for service improvement.
  • Service redesign – facilitated decision-making, councillor briefings, performance monitoring systems.

More information

If your council is planning to undertake a review of some or all of its services and would like more information about our facilitated in-house service review program, please contact Mark Anderson, Manager Local Government Management Solutions, on 02 9242 4161.