IP&R Review and Revision

LGNSW’s Integrated Planning and Reporting (IP&R) review and revision program is a flexible, affordable package tailored to assist councils in meeting their IP&R review requirements and building in-house skills and capabilities to manage future IP&R review and improvement tasks.
NSW councils that are not amalgamating are required under legislation to review their IP&R documents after the local government elections in September 2016.
Current reform processes are also introducing sweeping changes to local government across NSW. Successful navigation of these reforms will require councils to ensure that their IP&R framework and documents are highly developed, outlining a clear and achievable vision for communities and providing a structured work plan for councillors and staff.


LGNSW’s IP&R review and revision program provides independent guidance and facilitation to assess council’s progress and activities in pursuing the vision and goals of the Community Strategic Plan. It also:
  • Builds the capabilities of staff to address future IP&R tasks and other planning activities
  • Provides in-house training and oversight for community engagement activities.
  • Fosters a whole-of-council understanding of IP&R 
  • Involves councillors to reinforce the importance of long term outlook and civic leadership.
  • Is tailored to the needs of each council, ensuring that the review process is well directed, efficient and cost-effective.


LGNSW’s IP&R review and revision program is built around comprehensive processes of review, assessment and engagement. Our facilitator works collaboratively with council staff to deliver:
  • A Community Strategic Plan structure and content review to assess its structure and clarity, robustness of long term goals and strategies, regional context and its effectiveness as the community’s primary ‘future directions’ document.
  • A Delivery Program and Operational Plan structure and content review to assess their effectiveness in providing decision-making and operational guidance to councillors and staff.
  • A document integration review to assess the degree to which integration has been achieved within each IP&R component and across the framework as a whole.
  • A reporting process review to assess the council’s IP&R reporting approach and methodologies and the effectiveness of progress and performance measurement.
  • An internal and external stakeholder engagement process to gain broad input on the functionality, accessibility and accuracy of key plans.
  • Workshops with key staff to determine improvements and update key plans.
Costs associated with the program are negotiated according to each council’s requirements, size and complexity and are agreed upfront.

More information

If your council is planning to review its IP&R processes and documents and would like more information about our IP&R review and revision program, please contact Mark Anderson, Manager Local Government Management Solutions, on 02 9242 4161.