Performance Reviews

LGMS are the industry leaders for performance review facilitation of general managers and senior staff in local government. For over 20 years we have assisted on average 50 councils per year to review their general manager and senior staff performance. Our expertise in facilitation of the reviews is highly respected by both the council and general manager and we are seen as fair and unbiased in our role as facilitator.

LGMS’ independent facilitation service aims to provide a clear and transparent process for general manager and senior staff performance reviews. Working with a broad cross-section of NSW councils, we guide and assist our clients throughout the process.

Collection notice for performance review service.

Setting Clear Performance Objectives

Together with our clients we prepare a comprehensive tailored performance review document outlining the general manager and senior staff member’s KPIs and yearly objectives based on the council’s management plans. We also prepare and develop performance plans that establish a new performance agreement for the next 12 months.

Reviewing and Monitoring

We encourage councils to conduct a mid-year review to ensure general managers and senior staff are on track to meet their objectives and KPIs.

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