Remuneration Survey

NSW Council Comparatives – Remuneration

LGMS provides comparative benchmarking data and reporting on council general manager and employee remuneration which is used extensively by HR managers and general managers when developing organisational structure and negotiating pay increases.

General Manager Remuneration Reports

LGMS annual General Manager Remuneration Report provides comparative data on general managers’ “cost to council” remuneration. The report provides remuneration comparisons against all councils, similar sized councils, the same regional councils and rural/urban councils classifications across NSW.

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Reports will be available from March 2020.

Remuneration Survey and Reports

LGMS’ annual Remuneration Survey collects data provided by councils, on Total Remuneration Packages (TRP) for general managers, directors, managers and supervisors/specialists across NSW.

LGMS’ Remuneration Report provides comparative data on the TRP for a range of leadership positions from the general manager down to supervisor level. Our remuneration reports provide remuneration comparisons against councils in similar sized councils, the same regional councils, and all participating councils across NSW. The reports can be customised on request, to a demographic specified by Council.

The report is based on data provided by councils through our annual Remuneration Survey and other avenues. It has a high participation rate amongst NSW councils, making it a valuable tool to decision makers, providing current and comprehensive data for budget preparations and remuneration reviews.

We encourage all councils to participate in the annual NSW Local Government Remuneration Survey.

Reporting Schedule

July Survey packs issued to councils
August - November Completed survey packs emailed to LGMS and reports ordered*
December - February Survey data reviewed and collated
April - May Reports issued to councils

*Please note survey packs can be submitted to LGMS outside this timeframe on request.


To request a survey pack or report, please contact Debra Law by email, or phone (02) 9242 4142.

For more information, please contact our team.