Councils may find the resources below useful in the development and review of their own policies, guidelines and procedures.

Local Government NSW HR Advance

Local Government NSW (LGNSW) have entered into an arrangement with Australian Business Lawyers (ABLA) to provide councils with access to a subscription of LGNSW HR Advance.

LGNSW HR Advance is a comprehensive library of fully customisable HR documents including contracts, policies, forms, correspondence and checklists. All documents come with extensive notes on their use and application.

To purchase a subscription to LGNSW HR Advance, please contact the LGNSW's Industrial Relations Unit on (02) 9242 4142.

Local Government Industry Guidelines on Workplace Investigations

The Local Government (State) Award 2017 made changes to Clause 36, Disciplinary Procedures. The clause retains the obligation for employers to properly conduct and speedily conclude workplace investigations concerning possible unsatisfactory work performance or conduct, and now refers to workplace investigation guidelines developed by the award parties.

Alcohol and Other Drugs Procedure

The NSW Local Government Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy and Procedure have been drafted and consented to by the LGSA, USU, LGEA and depa.

The Alcohol and Other Drugs Procedure has a number of testing options available to councils including Reasonable Suspicion, Post Reportable Incident, Voluntary Self Testing and Random.

The Policy and Procedure can be found below:

Guidelines for Providing Cars 2019

The purpose of these Guidelines (PDF, 143KB) is to assist councils in determining a formula for costing the private use component of cars.

Three costing models are provided:

Local Government Workplace Reform Kit: Managing Workplace Change 

The Local Government Workplace Reform Kit: Managing Workplace Change (the Reform Kit) was developed in 2015 by LGNSW to help amalgamating councils manage the reform process.

The Reform Kit provides an overview of the legislation concerning amalgamations and boundary changes.

The Reform Kit also discusses the different stages in the reform process and explores the critical areas councils should address in managing workplace risks.

The Reform Kit can be found below:
Local Government Workplace Reform Kit: Managing Workplace Change (PDF, 2MB)

Award Implementation Kit – Structure of the New Award (Book 4)

The Award Implementation Kit (the Implementation Kit) provides a comprehensive background to local government award restructuring and the Local Government (State) Award 1992.
Book 4 of the Implementation Kit also provides information on how positions were evaluated for transfer into the 1992 Award’s skills based structure. 

Chapters 1 to 5 (PDF, 518KB)

1. Overview

2. The Wage Fixation Principles

3. Implementation of the Award

4. Statement of Intent

5. Undertakings

Chapters 6 and 7 (PDF, 1.14MB)

6. Skills Based Structure

7. Band 1: Operational

Chapters 8 and 9 (PDF, 1.4MB)

8. Band 2: Administrative/Technical/ Trades

9. Band 3: Professional/Specialist

Chapter 10 (PDF, 679KB)

10. Band 4: Executive

Chapters 11 to 15 (PDF, 872KB)

11. Rates of Pay under the New Award

12. Salary System

13. Disability Allowances

14. Use of Skills

15. Hours of Work

Chapters 16 to 18 (PDF, 586KB)

16. Overtime

17. Holidays

18. Training and Development

Chapters 19 to 24 (PDF, 766KB)

19. Performance Evaluation and Reward

20. Consultative Committees

21. Council Agreements

22. Leave Reserved

23. Award Coverage

24. Industry and Award Restructuring Committee

Appendix - Skills Matrix

Appendix Part 1 (PDF, 823KB)

Appendix Part 2 (PDF, 745KB)