Workforce Development

Local Government in NSW is facing a range of workforce challenges, including:

  • an ageing workforce
  • the impact of local government reform on organisational structures and culture
  • skills shortages in some occupations
  • limitations in leadership capability
  • gender imbalance in senior roles
  • lack of skills and experience in workforce planning
  • lack of workforce trend data
  • difficulty in recruiting and retaining staff
  • lack of cultural diversity in some councils

Local Government NSW and its industry partners have prepared the NSW Local Government Workforce Strategy 2016-2020 which sets the direction for a range of initiatives and projects to address these workforce challenges.

In NSW the requirement for councils to undertake workforce planning is mandatory through legislation. The Integrated Planning and Reporting (IP&R) Framework is composed of a suite of integrated processes and documents to streamline council planning and reporting. This suite includes:

  • A 10 year community strategic plan
  • A resourcing strategy which includes a workforce management plan)
  • A 4 year delivery program
  • A 1 year operational plan
  • An annual report

LGNSW supports workforce planning and development through the provision of courses, information and networking platforms for human resource professionals. Further information about training courses and networks can be obtained from LGNSW Learning Solutions.

Resources available to support workforce development are listed under LGNSW Key Initiatives.