Cultural Mapping and Planning resources

LGNSW has partnered in the development of a resource for councils which demonstrates a range of methods for cultural mapping and planning.

Framework for Cultural Development Planning

The Framework for Cultural Development Planning has been created for local government professionals across Australia by the Cultural Development Network. It offers a step-by-step guide for cultural development staff to create plans that will best serve their communities, using an evidence-based, outcome-focussed approach.
The Framework recommends the creation of a Cultural Development Plan that responds to the Council Plan, and is supported by Annual Business Plans for the department, project plans for specific activities and individual staff work plans. This resource provides a series of activities to create a Cultural Development Plan, shaped around a set of six principles that are common to much contemporary policy and planning.

All Culture is Local

The publication, All Culture is Local, is an outcome from a five-year Australian Research Council-funded research project, CAMRA (Cultural Asset Mapping in Regional Australia) Project. 

Over this time, four universities, four Local Governments, and peak regional, NSW and Australian Government agencies sought to develop knowledge that would enable better informed planning for arts and cultural development in rural and regional communities.

Case studies and data

Over the course of the project, it became evident that rural-regional Local Government staff and cultural decision makers need better place-specific data and are keen to learn from the experiences of other Local Governments to inform their own planning. This book is CAMRA’s response to that need and includes 17 case studies on good practice in:

  1. Cultural Mapping and Data Collection.
  2. Cultural Planning. 

The case studies have been written with the aim of making ideas and processes transferrable for any regional local authority, with the resource implications made clear.

Read the publication

Each NSW council receives a printed copy of the book which is also available for download below.

All Culture is Local: Good Practice in Regional Cultural Mapping and Planning for Local Government (PDF, 3.6MB)