Financial Sustainability Inquiry

The Independent Inquiry into the Financial Sustainability of Local Government in NSW was commissioned by LGSA in September 2005 in response to widespread concerns about Local Government's financial capacity to meet the growing demand for infrastructure and services.

The inquiry was undertaken by a panel comprised of three highly respected people experienced in public policy and completely autonomous of Local Government or the LGSA.

Panel members included Professor Percy Allan AM, former head of NSW Treasury, as Chairman and Research Director, and independent consultants Libby Darlison and Diana Gibbs.

The Final Report: Findings and Recommendations (PDF, 1.5MB) were presented on 3 May 2006:

The inquiry commissioned more than 30 research papers available as Volume 2 of the Final Report and can be accessed by contacting Local Government NSW.

NSW Government Responses

Following the inquiry, the LGSA set up the Strengthening Local Government Task Force to facilitate and support a broad, sectoral response to the inquiry’s recommendations. 

Based on the task force’s recommendations, the LGSA established their positions on inquiry’s recommendations:

In July 2007, the LGSA submitted the positions table to the Minister for Local Government for a whole-of-government response.

In September 2009, the NSW Government released its response to the Inquiry recommendations.